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Styles Galante

A sincere word of caution about Renaissance Workshop Company. I've had a disastrous experience ordering from this company and found their customer service passive, uncaring, and ultimately deplorable.

I tried to order plans for building a bentside spinet from the Renaissance Workshop Company in September 2009. I paid EUR 195.56 for the plans, and after 1 month, I still had not received my order or any kind of follow up. I tried to contact this company, but their phone number is disconnected and I was only ever able to get a response through email.

In October, a man named Vicente ( I believe his full name is Vicente Santos and he uses the email "info@renwks.com" ) finally responded to my email to inform me that my package was "lost in the mail" and that another would be sent to me. However, I asked for a tracking number this time, but Vicente never responded to my request.

Well, here we are in November--a full 8 weeks since payment was made--and I still have not received my order. Vicente has stopped responding to my email and has provided no update whatsoever on my order. My money is gone and I have little hope of getting a refund since no one at Renaissance Workshop Company is willing to talk to me.

Buyer beware. If you don't receive your package, don't expect Renaissance Workshop Company to do anything about it. I have yet to be offered a refund or any kind of concession for such a mishap in customer service. I have no choice but to start filing public complaints.

If anyone has had better success with a more reliable instrument builder, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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