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My name is Marcus McNicholas, my persona is John Barthala Mac Nio clais of Connaught,Ireland,Bohola Parish,County Mayo.

Tis mi love ta hear all that is going in all places far and wide.Of Battle, Tourneys,Feasts,and the thee Royal Court .Mi like watching the Ladies,lassies ,and all the wenches to flirt with. {:-)Mi personally do not drink the Grog no more.Put to others who do,free agency is still free.Mi do a little sword play now an then.I am a storyteller an a writer of Fantasy books.I am a Merchant of Herbs,shells ,gems an other rare wares.Still a single man,mi loves the lassies,an a kiss an a hug on a wi cold night,sharing words of love.Or sitting near di fireplace with a fine lass.So to all you fine folks,may thee wind be full in ye sails,And some hot spiced citer overflow ye mugs or whatever ye put in it keep ye heart still beating.Your new friend John Barthala Mac Nio clais of Connaught,says If ye can say it is a bravlic nik a nik ye are alright yik yin.

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